Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet [Online]

Oh that may need a lot of sepeth to swap 5-10 TTKO, i heard that it is possible to borrow some ttko to do so from sponsor right? may i know how to do so? thanks!


I’m not sure on a sponsor sorry, but you could ask on the discord about that option and how to approach it - some others will likely know more.

Looking at the swap currently, its going to be ~16-32 SepoliaETH to get enough TTKO to propose a block. This should get cheaper/easier over time like I explained in my comment yesterday. So you can look in the Taiko guide at the various suggested ways to get Sepolia ETH. PoW faucet works well, but of course will take a bit of time and burn electricity (ie this approach will cost you money via your power usage). You could probably get 5-10 per day using that appraoch with a decent PC and if you dont care about power costs (or live somewhere with good power prices).

The other approach is to slowly accumulate via the other drip faucets, ie Coinbase and some of the other faucets will drip-drop 0.5ETH to you every 24h (you just have to remember to request it every day).

I’m using both methods at the moment to build up some ETH. Hoping in the next few weeks (when I will have more spare time) I will be able to swap for some cheaper TTKO and experiment with a node a bit as well. Thats the plan anyway! :slight_smile:

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thanks alex, and may i know how to get a ws rpc on sepolia? i cannot join the discord chat now

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is the testnet over?

great testnet and anything not fail

@KID Sorry I am not sure what youre asking. Definetly look into the discord if youre able to, plenty more support there.

@hepis Nope Alpha-3 testnet is still active! Its just hit the 1-month milestone, but should be going for some time longer.

There was mention in the latest community call about an ‘Alpha-4’ testnet launching soon as well, which should basically be Taiko deploying onto itself, as a L3. So there is plenty of testnet time ahead, with things expanding to Layer 3 potentially soon as well.

very nice project. this is great…

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thank you for your detailed explanation

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has already done smoothly and fast enough, congrates to respected team

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Another exciting update for Alpha-3 testnet: We now also have an Alpha-4 testnet!

The Taiko team has just deployed Taiko onto itself, with the Alpha-4 testnet (Eldfell L3) joining the recently deployed Loopring L3 as the 2nd L3 deployed onto the Alpha-3 (Grimsvotn L2) testnet. This is the first test of the ‘inception layers’ concept, layers within layers. With the current goals for the alpha-4 testnet as follows:

  1. Deploying Taiko on Taiko as an L3 inception layer (a rollup on a rollup :smirk:)
  2. Testing a new staking based prover economics

Writeup and more info: Eldfell L3 (alpha-4) is live! — Taiko Labs

And there are already things for the community to test! (ie see the Taiko homepage to see the what you can already try out with Eldfell L3):

Another milestone here for Taiko overall :raised_hands:t2:

Hi, I have bridged my eths from sepolia to taiko. I have tried to claim it many times but always failed, the error messages in block scanner say “invalid large internal hash”. What should I do? this is my wallet address:

almost all of my failed transaction above is to claim bridged sepolia eth

I havent seen that error before, odd.
Can you try again? I’d do the old IT trick of logging out of everything (wallet, site, etc) and logging back in, then trying again at another time. I have found some network instabilities at times, but its been a pretty stable testnet overall so things have worked fine if I just leave it for a few hours or come back the next day.

If all else fails, I’d recommend jumping onto the discord and bringing up the issue in the support section, you’ll get more direct help there.

I would like to do a proposition for people who could not validate the prouver and proposer’s taiko quests because they could not connect a 2nd wallet to galxe. I don’t use my main wallet to prouve and propose tx because I don’t want to put the seed phrase of my ledger anywhere. So I used a test wallet to complete the quest. Is there some way to take this into consideration. tx

Well after 3 months we are nearing the end of this testnet - but there is still plenty more ahead!

Big update on Alpha-3 & Alpha-4 testnet from the team:

looking fore ward for some nice n juicy rewards.

What will happen to the liquidity pooled token within alpha 2-4 after the initial taiko 5 testnet being live can they be migrated?

nowhere in the documen does it say how many tokens u need to hold to run a node…also i am getting this error after the node was up and runnning

Not Found

The requested URL was not found on this server.

Apache/2.4.52 (Ubuntu) Server at xxxxx
Port 80

where or how do i validate the node is still r unning