Galxe taiko point is more than 3k but not eligiable in airdrop so what shoud i do?


my computer marks your link as dangerous, maybe there is another way to contact support


@ashish have you contacted support?


The support team just help me out now,l got | my airdrop

Thank you to taiko team


tell me honestly bro, did you test taiko or galxe?

Galxe is just a way to show users the capabilities of the network and no one has ever guaranteed receiving a distribution for completing Galxe quests, moreover, Taiko has always emphasized that the conditions for distribution are not defined. many of those who made many transactions, set up nodes and boosted the server received it, but many of those who simply performed Galx did not receive it, but they had this opportunity. Once again, it was not tested by Galxe and the Galxe leaderboard so it doesn’t matter, it’s just a feature of Galxe and not the Taiko network, so bro, if you didn’t receive it, it means you simply do not meet the basic conditions of the distribution

to be honest, I received it, but I had a lot of transactions, although to be honest I don’t think that I will get anything because I left the server and told one of the github moderators that he was wrong when he blocked my comment and did not consider the idea worthwhile, although I’m still convinced that this is a worthwhile idea, although it has almost no meaning for the network but makes the interface better. but even so, I got it, although they refuse to give me access to discord after that, maybe they will even cancel the distribution for me, I don’t know, but it’s a fact, I tested everything possible on this network when I was doing it and did it daily and for a long time , that’s probably why I got it, although my Galaxy #169,983 and I received 176 tokens, yes it’s not as much as some, but they were credited

now I also try to mutually ignore taiko, however, due to the fact that I have taiko assets in the form of these points, I am forced to like and repost their posts, although I don’t like it when they ignore you, it’s very boring, but they awarded points even with such almost zero loyalty towards them on my part and by the way this means that they really understand how things are done and reward the community not only for loyalty but also for real contribution in this regard they make me respect them

so I’m almost sure that if someone was not given tokens during the distribution, this is most likely a fairly balanced decision and it is quite justified by the algorithm for selecting applicants and not just something someone came up with on the fly

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a project interest and strong​:fire::fire:

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