Mistakenly sent tokens to "Taiko" contract address

Description: Hi everyone and Taiko team! Due to the bumpy start of the airdrop, I accidentally sent my Taiko tokens to the contract address (carelessness with the clipboard).

Thesis: Currently, there are at least 100 unique wallets that have sent tokens to the Taiko address for a total of 9500+ TAIKO, so this is not an uncommon or isolated problem.

I have done some research and understand that it was possible to implement a lock at the smart contract level, so any token replenishment transaction would be unsuccessful.

Also, the smart contract owner has the ability to perform a β€œtransfer” transaction directly from the storage - i.e. this option is not locked. Similar cases have happened in the past, and some protocols have accommodated their users.

Proposal: Make a series of reverse transactions to users who sent tokens to the TAIKO contract address. Can you help with the solution or at least suggest that it be brought up for DAO discussion?



I have got the same problem( Taiko Mainnet Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Taiko Mainnet

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so sad , from now onwards kindly check the address carefully.