NFTs2Me integrated with Taiko Katla Testnet (Alpha-6)

NFTs2Me has seamlessly integrated with Taiko Katla testnet, offering an Ethereum-equivalent ZK-EVM experience.

Now, effortlessly deploy your NFT projects using our user-friendly tool on Taiko.

Explore the possibilities at and take your NFT game to the next level!


thank you @nfts2me for providing such a quick opportunity to test the Taiko network :raised_hands:


I’m so interested in when there will be support for not only ens domains but also .taiko domains :star_struck::sparkles:

Great stuff! I’ve had a good look over this website and the handy tools it provides.

I am thinking to test some approaches to NFTs here which I haven’t done before, on the Taiko Alpha-6 testnet. I was wondering if it would be possible to mint my own kind of generative NFT series (not just image based), and provide some way for users to claim them?

To be more specific, I have a template for creating (html based) interactive NFTs - I would like to have a system where a user is able to provide their wallet address somewhere, and perform a single-claim of an NFT from a generated series. ie The wallet would only be able to claim once, and a random NFT is sent to them if they haven’t claimed any from that collection before.

So to narrow down my question(s), I’m not sure if:

A) Your system supports exactly what I’m looking to do here - minting/managing an interactive generative NFT series?

B) If the NFTs would (all) need to be generated first, before working out distribution? Or could they be generated on the fly as requests come in? (ie as much automation as possible)

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I already deployed and minted :ok_hand:

I didn’t quite understand what you want. Probably generating the item on the fly. I don’t think that this is supported in this service, but you can write a smart contract when accessing which NFT items will be generated on the fly with each request and use a service that supports these functions. however, I’m not very good at it. Therefore, I cannot say how feasible and feasible this is.

however, you can generate a collection on mintpad, this is also Taiko partner, they have functionality that automatically generates objects from layers and creates full-fledged collections from this and provides downloading of the collection archive with ready-made files

from this, i can’t following item. The button to mint pin can’t be click.

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