Introducing Taiko's inaugural community grant program

We’re thrilled to share the launch of our first Taiko community grant program! :tada:

The Taiko community grant program is our way of investing in the future of Taiko. We have allocated a portion of future Taiko tokens to provide financial resources, guidance, and mentorship to those who’re passionate about taking Taiko to new heights.

Our aim is to make the Taiko community grant program inclusive, accessible, and impactful. Whether you have plans to develop innovative Taiko-related technology, organize Taiko workshops, or anything else that can uplift the Taiko ecosystem or community, we’re eager to support you on your journey.

As we roll out the Taiko community grant program, we’re also seeking your feedback. We want to ensure that the program aligns with your aspirations and addresses the needs of the Taiko community. Drop your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions in the comments below!

For more information, check out the launch announcement article below.

Thank you for being an active part of the Taiko community! Let’s make things happen together. :handshake:


Very exciting! It will be interesting to see what projects apply for this in the coming weeks. I will be having a good read of all of them all thats for sure :eyes:


Several of us have definitely been chatting about it.


Hey - are there any updates to this program? It has been over a month since the deadline was passed.

Hi There,

Yes, all those participating would have received a response already. We also plan an update shortly once the grant process is finalised in the coming days.

Awesome to hear! Will there be a new round announced as well?

We plan to have more grant programs in the future. Watch out for the formal announcements. :slight_smile: