Taiko Community Development

Dear Friends!

I want to express my gratitude to the entire team of Taiko and those who are in any way involved in the development of this project. I have just finished a thorough study of the latest materials from Vitalik and am amazed that Taiko is ALREADY solving the main problem of Ethereum. I have a feeling that several hundred people understand how valuable what the team is doing now. This is due to the state of the market, the current trend and other facts. Technologies are not always interesting to the community and this is a bit sad. But it is in our power to fix it!

Addressing the community, I want to encourage you to publish content/ tell your friends/ be constantly interested in and use Taiko. At the moment, such technologies do not receive due attention from the world community. We have to do everything to fix it. Attract the attention of developers as I do with the training materials “Taiko from A to Z”(https://twitter.com/alexander_blv/status/1653154080414396418?t=t_x-9QUiji7ialfaP5Liyw&s=19) or the entire crypto space as a whole as @umede.eth with “Taiko Tuesday newsletter.”

It is in our power to be involved in the reformation of the main cryptocurrency. Let’s keep changing this world for the better the way Taiko does!

In this regard, I suggest you discuss all the ways to promote the Taiko community. Let’s discuss it here. I look forward to your suggestions!


There are many things Taiko can do. Tasks on guild.xyz, contests in which those who write articles about Taiko will be rewarded, campaigns on galxe. In my opinion, such actions would help our project shine even more.


I’m not a fan of Guild or galxe tasks as it builds an inorganic community that are only focused on the potential of receiving a retroactive airdrop


I agree with you, the company on galxe would perfectly interact with a3 testnet.


Let’s look at it from the perspective of community expansion. For example, a prerequisite for joining a guild or a company on galxe would be constant participation in the life of the community or a good contribution.


Hey everyone!
After learning about Taiko, I have developed a great appreciation for the project, which inspired me to write an article about it. I hope you will enjoy reading it, as it has been published on Coinmonks.

:open_book:Read here: Taiko: A Decentralized Ethereum-Equivalent ZK-Rollup

Thank you.

Dear @alexanderblv,

We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to promoting Taiko and its mission. You are absolutely right that raising awareness about innovative technologies like Taiko is crucial for their adoption and success.

Let’s redirect our attention away from pointless activities and concentrate on conquering the Ethereum ecosystem. Our primary goal should be to establish a narrative that Taiko is the sole ZKrollup project within the Ethereum ecosystem. Please review my revised suggestion, framed with the motive of conquering the Ethereum ecosystem:

  1. Social Media Engagement: Actively engage with Taiko’s social media channels, such as Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. Like, retweet, and comment on their posts to increase visibility and encourage discussions.

  2. Content Creation: Create and share content about Taiko on various platforms. This could include blog posts, articles, videos, tutorials, or infographics explaining Taiko’s features, benefits, and use cases. Share your content on relevant platforms and social media channels to reach a wider audience.

  3. Community Events: Organize community events, such as webinars, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), or virtual meetups, where members can learn about Taiko, ask questions, and share their experiences. Encourage participation and interaction within the community.

  4. Collaboration with Influencers: Reach out to influential individuals or organizations within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space who share similar values or interests. Collaborate with them on joint projects, interviews, or guest articles to expand the reach of the Taiko message.

  5. Developer Outreach: Target developers and technical communities by highlighting the unique features and advantages of Taiko. Create developer-focused resources, tutorials, and documentation to facilitate adoption and encourage them to explore Taiko’s potential.

  6. Partnerships with Existing Ethereum Projects: Identify and establish partnerships with existing Ethereum projects that may benefit from integrating Taiko into their infrastructure. Collaborate on joint initiatives, co-marketing campaigns, or technical integrations. This can expand the reach of Taiko to an existing user base and demonstrate its compatibility with other Ethereum projects.

  7. Referral Programs: Introduce referral programs that incentivize existing community members to invite others to join Taiko. Offer rewards or bonuses for successful referrals, which can help grow the community organically.

  8. Collaborative Campaigns: Collaborate with the Taiko team and fellow community members to design and execute campaigns that raise awareness about Taiko. This can include coordinated social media pushes, hashtag campaigns, or online challenges.
    Engage in Online Discussions: Participate in relevant online forums, such as Ethereum or blockchain-related subreddits, Telegram groups, or Discord channels. Share your knowledge, answer questions, and engage in discussions about Taiko and its potential benefits. Be an active and helpful member of these communities to build credibility and trust.

  9. Bounty Programs and Hackathons: Organize or participate in bounty programs and hackathons related to Taiko. These events attract developers, enthusiasts, and innovators who can contribute to the project. Offer rewards for bug fixes, improvements, or innovative use cases built on top of Taiko. This can help incentivize community involvement and generate more interest.

  10. Cross-Promotion with Influencers: Identify influential individuals or content creators in the blockchain and Ethereum space who align with Taiko’s vision. Reach out to them and propose collaborations or partnerships. This could involve interviews, joint webinars, or guest blog posts. Leveraging their reach and influence can significantly increase awareness about Taiko.

  11. Local Community Building: Organize local meetups or events in your area dedicated to Taiko and Ethereum. Spread the word through local tech communities, universities, or co-working spaces. Facilitate networking opportunities, presentations, and workshops to educate attendees about Taiko’s benefits and encourage participation.

  12. Documentation and User Guides: Contribute to the development of comprehensive documentation and user guides for Taiko. This can help newcomers understand and navigate the platform more easily. Offer translations of the documentation into different languages to cater to a wider audience.

  13. Collaboration with Educational Institutions: Establish partnerships with universities, coding boot camps, or online learning platforms that offer courses on blockchain or Ethereum development. Provide resources, case studies, or guest lectures related to Taiko. This collaboration can help integrate Taiko into educational curricula and foster a new generation of developers familiar with the platform.

  14. Educational Initiatives: Launch an educational initiative that aims to spread knowledge about ZKrollups, their benefits, and how Taiko stands as a pioneering project in this space. Create educational content such as tutorials, webinars, and online courses to empower developers, enthusiasts, and the wider community with the understanding of ZKrollups and their importance in Ethereum’s evolution. By increasing awareness and knowledge, we can strengthen Taiko’s position as the go-to ZKrollup solution.

To adapt these suggestions based on the resources, goals, and target audience of the Taiko community. Building a strong and vibrant community requires a combination of online and offline efforts, consistent engagement, and a focus on delivering value to the participants.

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I do the tasks in galxe as much as I can. that’s pretty cool.

Are you using ChatGPT well :smiley:

I totally agree with you!