Change the buttons on the bridge page

I think this continue button should be renamed preview
because it looks logical, and besides, the tab you find yourself on when you click this button is called preview

I left this request in Github and I’m sure that you rejected it in vain and decided to leave two continue buttons because, in my opinion, there are too many continue buttons, it doesn’t look very good and is not at all aesthetically pleasing

but if this bridge page is important only for test networks and on the mainnet it stops functioning and you replace it with another, then this request does not matter, but if this page remains on the mainnet, then I am quite justifiably indignant at the fact that you refused to accept this is a request on github

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The logic is this, you select the NFT bridge, then you select the item you want to send, when you have selected the item as in this picture, you select preview (and not just comtinue) this is a more accurate name for the action, then on the preview tab you see all the sending conditions plus additional information and if everything is satisfactory, confirm the transaction.

I saw this on different services, for example quick swap, where each user action applied to a transaction has its own name.

I don’t know why you refused to accept this, but it seems logical. (only because you didn’t accept it, I deleted my own github because I was very indignant and felt bias and some kind of dishonesty, but this is not important at the moment, just a little background)

I just want to see a quality product in Taiko, but it seems they interpreted it falsely and it seemed to me that it was for this reason that this wish was not accepted, it was not even PR, although I added code that changes the description of the user’s actions and it just had to be added to make it look good and more correct what at the moment does not look entirely correct in my opinion (I agree, there is no practical significance, all the buttons can be called continue and the site can be easily used if you know how to do this) but visually it will be good if it starts to look professional taiko

Also, from a logical point of view, it may be a little confusing what exactly to continue, sending and interacting with the wallet or some other action, so it’s better to change the name anyway on preview