Clarification on Staking Requirements for Running a Taiko Node

I’ve been exploring the guides for running Sepolia and Taiko nodes, and I’m interested in setting up a node. However, I would like to clarify the staking requirements for running a Taiko node.

[Run a node]
1. Running a Taiko Sepolia Archive Node (Proposer)
Enabling a Proposer (Taiko Node)

2. Running a Taiko Grimsvotn L2/Eldfell L3 RPC Node (Prover)
Enabling a Prover (Taiko Node)
Claiming Prover Rewards (TTKO/TTKOe)

The guides primarily focus on setting up and configuring these nodes, enabling them as proposers or provers, and claiming rewards.

The guides I’ve reviewed do not explicitly mention a requirement to stake 32 Sepolia (test) ETH. To ensure I have a complete understanding of the process, could you please confirm whether staking 32 Sepolia (test) ETH is a prerequisite for running a Taiko node?

Additionally, if there are any other staking or token requirements that I should be aware of, I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide that information or direct me to the relevant documentation.

Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to your response!


Staking is only required for proving on Eldfell L3. You will need to stake TTKOe for L3 proving.

However, this may not be a necessity if for example the pooled provers do not prove the block in the required time, the block will be made available for all to prove who are running a node and able to do this as quickly as possible.

To be a proposers you would require TTKO or TTKOe deposited to the contract on L1 as this is required to pay for the block fee for proposing.


Subject: Clarification on Alpha Versioning and L2/L3 Levels in Testnet Announcements

I’ve been following Taiko’s recent testnet network announcements, particularly the use of alpha versioning such as “alpha-3” and “alpha-4.” These announcements are exciting and showcase the progress being made in Taiko’s development.

However, I’ve noticed that these announcements don’t explicitly mention the L2/L3 levels or node architecture, which has left me wondering about the relationship between the alpha versions and the network levels. Specifically, I’m curious about whether “alpha-3” corresponds to Grímsvötn L2 and “alpha-4” to Eldfell L3 as mentioned in some previous communications.

"alpha-3": Grímsvötn L2 RPC (EOL September)
"alpha-4": Eldfell L3 RPC (EOL October)
"alpha-5": New L2/L3 RPC testnet coming? “Taiko alpha-3 testnet, Grímsvötn, is live!”
Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet is Live — Taiko Labs “Today we’re excited to share that the Taiko alpha-3 testnet, Grímsvötn, is live!”

Could you please provide some clarification on this? Is there a specific reason why the recent announcements focus on alpha versioning without mentioning the L2/L3 levels? I want to ensure I have a clear understanding of Taiko’s testnet developments.

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your assistance in clarifying this matter!

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That is correct.

Alpha-3 Grímsvötn is L2
Alpha-4 Eldfell is L3

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