Fully automated node installation

hello there !

I created a bash script that fully automates the process of configuration, installation and running a Taiko node, either prover, proposer, or both. I also created a PR to be included in the official repo, currently waiting for that. Until then, here s the script

IF you re not curious about the script and you only want to use it, copy and paste the next command in your linux terminal to start the installation

git clone https://github.com/tudorpintea999/TaikoNodeAutomation.git && cd TaikoNodeAutomation && sudo chmod +x taikoinstaller.sh && sudo /bin/bash taikoinstaller.sh

Does this work for the current Alpha-testnet 6 ?

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yes it can work on 6 alpha, but it’s better to use the standard guide from Taiko Run a Taiko node | Docs, it’s the same there, but you’ll gain experience

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I will look up the docs. Thank you.

I just checked now. @oneofthenfts how would you run prover or proposal? The link in the doc is not working

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I think there are more answers here, I’m not very good with nodes, but I know a little about scripts Discord

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