Discord Server issues

Anyone with issues joining the discord server, reply here with these details:

Discord username: 
Discord ID:
What is the issue you're experiencing?:

Discord username: hrkrstwn
Discord ID: 758771609749684287
What is the issue you’re experiencing?:
Im member since December 2022 on taiko discord . Im participated in taiko testnet . I don’t know today my discord get out from taiko discord server . Why ?? Please help i dnot know why my discord get removed from taiko discord server .

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@brachsterX @korchinskiiy . Help fix my problem

Relog in then rejoin the server.

Where link join discord?

Discord username: papaya.salad
Discord ID: 900370601976422420
I cannot verify my account after joining the server. It says “interaction error”. What could be the reason?

Try relogging in your account / reinstall your discord client.

Your account is not banned on the server so there should be no problems getting in.

Discord username: mkitter
Discord ID: 387575866965884928
What is the issue you’re experiencing?: I can not join Discord. Error “Invites are currently paused on this server”
Screenshot 2024-05-08 171044

You are not banned from the server. Try reinstalling your discord then join again.

Discord Username: gringoxloco
Issue: Cannot verify in discord, continually says Interaction Failed

I can’t join discord