Discord server problems


I don’t where where to go else, but I would like to join taiko discord server again. I already joined the server, but today I asked a question about maximum peer a couple of minutes later I did not have access to the server anymore.

Now when I want to join the server again, I get a error.

Any solution / suggestion where to go from here?


same i also lost access yesterday and was only asking questions why>

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What’s your username and we can check

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My discord name is “weird79”

Thank you for your time

i think its all been fixed now

No, I am still banned somehow. I dont know why. I posted 1 generic question in chat … thats all.

I created a new discord account but I think I am IP blocked. (works on office pc)

If someone could asks some admin or something, I would realy appreciate that.

I am running a node / proposer. Access to discord would be really great.

Try it again. Should be fixed now.

I am sorry, I just tried. I still cant join the server.

Message “oops, can’t accept invitation” (translated from dutch)

By the way… this post got me the “New user of the month” badge… So now I realy need to get access …lol :slight_smile:

Seems you are getting IP banned. Please try it again :slight_smile:

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I can access the discord server now.
Thank you very much.

Hi team! I have the same problem, can you please help me? My discord name is “anatolief”. Thank you!


Thanks for the message. Please try it again and let me know if you still have an issue.

Got it! Thank you so much!