Taiko Alpha-5 Testnet [Ended]

The Alpha-5 testnet is Online! (Now ended - 31/01/24)
(and has been for a while now, launching in late September 2023)

-Launch Tweet-
-Full Announcement-

*This is a fresh thread for the currently active alpha, which I meant to make back when Alpha-5 went live. Busy times!

New with Jólnir:

  • In Jólnir, proposers need to acquire a bond from provers to propose a block. Provers need TTKOj tokens to deposit for the bond
  • Proposers can choose their own local provers or provers from the prover market
  • The new system is used to ensure some liveness on the network. It also replaces staking pools so that we can simplify the design and allow prover pools to be implemented off-chain.
  • An updated bridge implementation and a new bridge UI design. We moved from TokenVault to separate vaults like ERC20Vault, ERC721Vault, and ERC1155Vault;
  • An updated testnet stats page with line graph data in the block explorer. It’s now much easier to follow the stats - Jólnir stat explorer

To participate in Jólnir: Getting started | Docs

Taiko Alpha Testnet History:

Testnet Code Name Layer Status Start End
Alpha-1 Snæfellsjökull L2 Ended 23/12/22 15/02/23 (54 Days)
Alpha-2 Askja L2 Ended 23/03/23 17/04/23 (25 Days)
Alpha-3 Grímsvötn L2 Ended 07/06/23 31/10/23 (146 Days)
Alpha-4 Eldfell L3 Ended 18/07/23 19/09/23 (63 Days)
Alpha-5 Jólnir L2 Ended 20/09/23 31/01/24 (133) Days
Alpha-6 Katla L2 Active 16/01/24

*Edit there is another Alpha testnet (Alpha-6) which has just launched - this should be the last alpha testnet ahead of the mainnet launch (still on track for Q1 2024).

Happy testing, Taikonauts! :woman_astronaut:t2::man_astronaut:t2:


this is comprehensive information on the alpha-5 test network Taiko, I confirm :drum:


The Alpha-6 testnet is now live!

*Note that Alpha-5 (Jólnir) is going to be deprecated on January 31st, 2024 - however it is still up and running, so you have half a month still to utilize Alpha-5!

For Alpha-6 specific discussions, see the other thread:


Who comes up with the names of testnets, please? Looks like Ikea :slight_smile:


Ikea is Swedish, Taiko testnets are named after Icelandic volcanoes.

So yep, they have a common trend of being Nordic names :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes or Icelandic, thank you for the answer :slight_smile:


imho looks like Lao Tzu :grin: :+1:


thank you >>>>>>>>>>>>>


That’s it for the Alpha-5 testnet - Jólnir!
As of today it has been deprecated.


Head on over to the Alpha-6 Testnet thread for any continued testnet discussion: Taiko-Alpha-6-testnet



jolnir it was very cool, this is the alpha version in which the Taiko network showed what it was capable of, we received a lot of tokens, tested, installed nodes and all this worked at a very good level. now the dencun era begins, it’s hard to say when it will be replaced by a new era, but the fact that this will be a transition from quality to quantity is obvious, I love transactions at the speed of light :drum: :star_struck: :volcano:


It seems i miss one particular testing lol. Came late to the party …


testing is a constant process, maybe it will turn out that you will see something that others did not see and this is good for the test, if of course you like testing and you do it consciously. testing is still ongoing so anyone can take part in this party :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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Alpha-6 testnet is still very much active. It should be around for many weeks and months to come!