MoveLab's looking for project partners in Taiko Ecosystem

"MoveLabs, a team with experience in blockchain projects like Sui, Aptos, and BNB Chain, is currently developing chess-related products on the Taiko blockchain platform. They're looking for collaborations with projects in the Taiko ecosystem to grow the community during the Testnet phase. Their goal is to work together to create better products and services and strengthen the Taiko ecosystem."

To all builders within the Taiko Blockchain ecosystem,

MoveLabs is a team of 13 individuals with significant experience in contributing to and developing projects within the blockchain ecosystem, including Sui, Aptos, and BNB Chain. We have accumulated deep knowledge of blockchain technology and have participated in many successful projects in the past.

Currently, we are focused on developing products related to chess on the Taiko blockchain platform. During the Testnet phase of Taiko, we are actively seeking collaboration opportunities with other projects that have either been or are currently developing products within the Taiko ecosystem. Our main goal is to foster community growth during this phase.

We believe that collaborating with other projects within the Taiko ecosystem will bring significant benefits to both parties by sharing knowledge, skills, and resources to build better products and services for our respective communities. We look forward to the opportunity to work alongside talented teammates on the Taiko platform to bring our chess-related applications and services to a wider audience and create a strong and thriving ecosystem.
Let’s connect, fellow builders within the Taiko ecosystem.

Information about MoveChess social media:
Collaboration Contact:
Discord Username: .moldova
Telegram: @fiesta_0604

Best regards,

We’re still looking for partners.