Taiko Alpha-7 Testnet [Online]

The Alpha-7 testnet is now Online!

-Launch Tweet-
-Full Announcement-


What’s new with Hekla?

  • EIP-4844 blobs for DA with compression enabled + adjustments to block gas issuance, L2 block gas limit and EIP1559 configurations
  • Continuation of the BCR (Based Contestable Rollup) mechanism which Katla Alpha-6 used
  • Fixes to protocol bugs

Full release notes here

To participate in Hekla: Getting started | Docs

Taiko Alpha Testnet History:

Testnet Code Name Layer Status Start End
Alpha-1 Snæfellsjökull L2 Ended 23/12/22 15/02/23 (54 Days)
Alpha-2 Askja L2 Ended 23/03/23 17/04/23 (25 Days)
Alpha-3 Grímsvötn L2 Ended 07/06/23 31/10/23 (146 Days)
Alpha-4 Eldfell L3 Ended 18/07/23 19/09/23 (63 Days)
Alpha-5 Jólnir L2 Ended 20/09/23 31/01/24 (133) Days
Alpha-6 Katla L2 Active 16/10/24
Alpha-7 Hekla L2 Active 25/04/24

*Note Alpha-7 should be the last alpha testnet ahead of the mainnet launch (now aiming for Q2 2024)

Alpha-7 (Katla) is going to be deprecated on May 10th, 2024

Happy testing, Taikonauts! :woman_astronaut:t2::man_astronaut:t2:


Loopring not wasting any time with the Alpha-7:

You are now able to test Loopring’s (L3) Wallet deployed on Hekla testnet!

Link to Loopring Wallet tweet
Link to Loophead Contest tweet

Additionally, there is a Loopring-hosted Loophead NFT Challenge which is also live, where you can test the Loopring Alpha-7 testnet wallet & have a chance to win one of these popular NFTs (or other prizes)!


Info on the Loophead challenge here: Now Live: The 2024 Moody Brain (Loophead) NFT Challenges | by Byron @ Loopring | Loopring Protocol | Apr, 2024 | Medium

*Note - I am not on the Loopring team, but I am an investor in the project


Fantastic writeup with lots of detail. Thank you!