Looking Forward to Our Forum's *Healthy* Growth

I’m new to this forum, but I intend on staying around, as I’ve been following Taiko’s growth for over a year. For the devs and Taiko veterans here, sorry in advance if you roll your eyes at anything said below :sweat_smile:

I love seeing the devs and other genuine community members in their technical discussions, even if I only understand half of what they’re talking about. I’m looking forward to learning more about how the Taiko nodes, proposers, provers, etc. work and would really like to dive in a try some of it myself.

Since this community is relatively small compared to some other Layer 2 communities, I’m a little concerned about this place being overrun by airdrop farmers (your thoughtless one sentence replies are obvious, people). So I’ll do my part in calling it out and reporting when I come across it and I hope new members reading this will do the same.

To paraphrase an analogy that I like, which is that all chains, Layer 2s, protocols, etc. have their core members – mostly devs, researchers, and others who are important to the roadmap’s success.

Then as you expand out from the core, you should have a strong social layer who also a decent understanding of the tech. A strong and healthy social layer is key to the networks growth by bringing in more people to expand its network effects.

If you’re new here, try to be here for the right reasons. It’s okay to look forward to a token, but you’ll be rewarded a lot more by investing some time learning about the tech and connecting with other people in the community.