Taiko Discord is *in Lockdown [05/10] (No longer in lockdown)

Note - The discord is no longer in lockdown

Just a quick post here if anyone is wondering - yes the discord is currently in lockdown.

As always: Be aware of any odd links or scams.

A higher level account was compromised on the discord and started spamming scam links. Shortly after this the discord itself vanished completely.

A lot of users have been kicked and banned (speaking from experience!)

Hoping the team has things under control!


*Post updated because I thought the server was deleted, when its just that I’ve been kicked


Hi Alex,

My Discord account got banned from that hacker, too. I would like to get unbanned and the Taiko Titan role back <3

Display Name: Leipzig | MoveChess
Username: .moldova

Kindly unbanned my Discord

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Yeh it seems a few people got banned but then also a stack of banned accounts also got unbanned.

Just a bit of chaos!

I’d give it a day or so for admins to get things sorted again and then see about getting unbanned. Probably just trying to improve security and get the discord itself stable again currently.


Thanks, Alex and let’s #BUILDonTaiko.


Just an FYI I’ve been able to join the discord again now.
All seems well (unless youre still banned ofc)

Try to join again:

Neat hashtag as well, I might need to use that for some upcoming content/projects.
#BuildOnTaiko indeed :sparkles:


Hey, there.
I also lost access to the server and getting message “Unable to accept invite”.
Could you pls help me get back?

My discord is: davaymne
Visible as: davaymne|0x720a—b03d43|—13974f

Thanks in advance,


Try it again. Replied to your DM. Thanks.

It is working now.
Thanks a million.

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Hi I have error Opps. and can’t go to the server


I have the same problem with inviting, please help me.
“Unable to accept invite”

Unfortunately I can’t get my Galxy points

olegstaser - usname
Oleg Sergetre - name

I have the same problem. discord bepra1. please help