Taiko mainnet is live!

:sparkles: 27/05/2024- IT IS LAUNCH DAY! :sparkles:

What more is there to say!! Big congrats to the Taiko team for getting this project out in Q2 2024. A new Type-1 Ethereum zkEVM is on the block (one of a very rare race of L2s), Ethereum scalability has just been unlocked.

Official Announcement & Thread:


The Taiko Ecosystem: Ecosystem – Taiko

Documentation: Getting started | Docs

Scanners Available:
:blueberries: https://taikoscan.io
:watermelon: https://taikoscan.net
:tangerine: https://taikoscan.network
:green_apple: taikonow.xyz

Happy Taiko mainnet times Taikonauts!! :woman_astronaut: :man_astronaut:

The rocket is now off the pad! :rocket:


fantastic fantastic bro yay :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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Congratulations! Woot!