Taiko Node Dashboard

Hey everyone, I wanted to use this platform to officially share what Helios and I have been working on for the past month(s). I’ll give a backstory for those interested, TLDR at the bottom.

As you may have seen in some sneak peeks, we’ve made a Taiko Node dashboard, a minimal and user-friendly tool to make running a node a bit easier!

We have both been interested in a GUI to make running a node as easy as possible. Ever since Helios shared the following message on 27/07/2022, I was interested in some user-friendly tool to help running a Taiko node.

So I had a suggestion I’m sure the team has already considered… And I know it’s probably not first order of operation at the moment… But when it does come time to run nodes/validators… I think it would be super incredible to get a simple, really easy to use GUI with it. I am hearing a good amount of users that would want to help secure the network, willing and able… but maybe not with as much coding background to run a docker/terminal app… And have seen a good amount of other protocols make simple node programs that function well and keep it simple. Really brings the barrier to entry down, and can help secure the network very early by having a bunch of nodes up and staking or just validating and getting rewards.

In the following testnets it quickly became apparent that a lot of people were struggling with the monitoring of the node. I myself found it quite hard to see if my node was synced, you had to search in a sea of logs for a blockheight and compare that to the official one. In my opinion it can be very vague running a node, you just launch a few commands and hope for the best. There is the current grafana dashboard with some metrics, but those are not that user friendly and are more aimed for devs imo.

When AlperenCvs created the following issue I was immediately sold on the idea, and quickly started writing up a detailed requirement specification. Helios quickly jumped aboard wanting to help with the design aspect. He came up with the following sketch, which would lay the foundation for the dashboard.

From there I started the development, I used the Taiko status page by Jeff to quickly get started. I was immediately sucked into the development but I loved every minute of it :)! It was a fun experience and made me learn a few things. I’m hoping this could inspire some other user friendly tools for our ecosystem.

Thanks to those involved during the project, especially Helios, Dave and Jeff.

TLDR; A Taiko Dashboard to monitor your Taiko node, some features:

  • syncing progress + nodeheight

  • system resource usage and node size

  • amount of proposed/proven blocks

  • uptime

  • amount of peers

If you quickly want to get started and are not yet running the node, follow these steps.

If you just wanna use the dashboard and are already running the node, follow the steps in here.

Ps: don’t forget to set your prover/proposer wallet address in the settings!


Wolfez & Helios


Good work guys, this looks slick!

Certainly more user friendly than a terminal. And it looks like it simplifies the setup process too, which is always a bonus. I’ll be looking into using this whenever I get around to trying out running a node.


much appreciated here ! cheers mate