Taiko Tuesday #30 — 2023-10-31

Taiko Tuesday is a community-driven bi-weekly newsletter covering the ins and outs of Taiko, a decentralized Ethereum-equivalent validity rollup.

Let’s get into it!

:test_tube: Testnet status

  • Total transactions: 3,676,697.
  • Total blocks: 935,890.
  • Average block time: 5.6 seconds.
  • Total wallet addresses: 569,382.
  • Total unique provers: 2,705.
  • Total unique proposers: 6,116.

More stats: https://explorer.jolnir.taiko.xyz .

:computer: Development updates

You can follow the changelogs to see what’s been happening in the Taiko development department. There are two changelogs: The Taiko client and the Taiko-mono repository.

:heart_hands: Community updates

  • Taiko partnered with Aspecta to foster dev growth across the Taiko ecosystem.
  • An update on how Jolnir has been doing since launching a month ago.
  • Latest changelogs released.
  • Devconnect update: We’re finalizing the last events and will soon post a thread with all of the events that the team will attend (around 15). In the meantime, here’s a few that have already been announced:

:books: Education updates

:tongue: Best memery


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Thanks for reading the twenty-ninth installment of Taiko Tuesday!

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