What Taiko Dapps u know please comment

Only this one so far?

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Shoutout to Loopmon here, who works on web3 gaming in the Loopring/Taiko space. I have seen tweets about dev streams around Taiko/smart contract setup during past testnet periods. I’m yet to catch one of these dev streams (yet), so I cant really say exactly whats being worked on - but probably something to do with enhancing the Loopmon game.

*Edit - Also worth mentioning LoopWorms and LoopQuest, which are also interactive/gaming web3 experiences being built right now with zkEVM elements ahead.

I’ll post back here if I find any more devs or projects working in this space.
But otherwise, we’ll have to see what the future brings :eyes:

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A solid stack of apps for Alpha-3 testnet, via this post back in June - I feel is definitely worth mentioning here! These projects were all developed during the hackathon at EthPrague.

Main thread over on twitter:

List of all winners & apps below (see the twitter thread above for more links and info on all of these):

1) Deploy a dapp on Taiko category (2500 USD). The winners are:

  1. Brian
  2. Atomic Cloak
  3. Cheque Republic
  4. Quire
  5. Ethylene

2) Infrastructure category winners (2000 USD):

  1. ChainSpectre
  2. Turtleshell
  3. SwiftGate
  4. Praave

3) Ethereum Public Goods (500 USD) winners:

  1. HelpETH
  2. fren2fren

Overall a great view of the variety of projects which can already be developed and tested on the alpha-3 testnet. And I expect there will be more of these events in future. Not to mention plenty of other projects out there being built for Taiko which are yet to get much notice.

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Kalki Swap, Owlto, RAI finance, RubyDEX,

Hi everyone! Neko here, we’re building a native Taiko DEX called Henjin! We just launched on socials, here’s our X account : https://x.com/henjinDEX

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thank you very much mate

looks interesting but I would like to see a demo or find out more about it without going through discord

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Our project was just added to Taiko ecosystem page. :sunglasses:

We launched .testaiko usernames (domains). You can mint yours here: https://punk.domains/

Domains serve as usernames on TKO Chat, web3 social app on Taiko. Check it out: https://tko.chat/

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NFTs2Me has seamlessly integrated with Taiko Katla testnet:


I created an NFT collection in honor of Taiko Alpha-6 Katla :tada:

Congratulations to the entire Taiko community on this event :partying_face:

Special thanks to the @nfts2me service :raised_hands:

whoever wants can mint using this link, only 100 items, price 0.001 $ETH

A good update to note here, there is now an Ecosystem page for Taiko - with projects and apps deployed on Taiko listed.

82 as of current posting:

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I know only testnet dapp. :slight_smile:

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